Appalachian Winter finds its home in Schellsburg, Pennsylvania; USA. It began in 2008, though “Into the Abode of Wolves,” the first song written that would later be apportioned for the the project, was recorded in late 2007. The original goal was to create black metal music.

All music you’ll find here is free to download – the whole discography.

Streaming is free as well and is available here.

Physical copies are available for purchase here, but are not yet available for earlier efforts. With luck, the year of 2019 may see such earlier releases accounted for physically.

Appalachian Winter is Randy Smith (guitars), Mike O’Brien (MIDI choirs), and D.G. Klyne (composition, arrangements), and is currently represented by Nine Gates Records.

This project may be confused with other entities. For instance, I understand there’s a black metal project (a real one, not whatever the Christ my crap is) bearing this same name from West Virginia. I think it’s pretty righteous that the two most Appalachian states in the Union have extreme metal projects with this name, but please don’t confuse us nonetheless. Also, someone wrote a Christmas cantata called Appalachian Winter. I mean, I listened to it and thought it was excellent, and I’m probably going to buy the album, but I’ll bet the composer of that piece probably wants nothing to do with the kind of music I make, so please do spare him the indignity of being confused with my garbage. Also, there’s a CD out there called An Appalachian Winter which is comprised of some beautiful hammered dulcimer music, so please understand that it’s not me as well, despite the fact that I also want to get that record (seriously, it’s amazing music and you can get this stuff on Amazon). Also, I think there’s a book out called “Appalachian Winter.” I’m not smart enough to write books, so that isn’t me, either. I’d read it if reading stuff didn’t suck so bad.

With all of my best,