Appalachian Winter finds its home in Schellsburg, Pennsylvania; USA. It began in 2008, though “Into the Abode of Wolves,” the first song written that would later be apportioned for the the project, was recorded in late 2007. The original goal was to create black metal music.

All music you’ll find here is free to download – the whole discography.

Streaming is free as well and is available here.

Appalachian Winter is Randy Smith (guitars), probably Mike O’Brien (MIDI choirs), and D.G. Klyne (composition, arrangments), and is currently represented by Nine Gates Records.

This stream of information is to back up and replace the Appalachian Winter Facebook page, and so will function as access to news. Most will be new song/material announcements and links to free downloads.

Most of the reason for this is Facebook’s limiting functions on the reach of posts there by my page and my growing distaste for social media (sorry, I’m old like that). I have personally exercised the self-control to shut up and let the music do the talking. I never advertised, spammed, nor did anything other than let anyone interested come to this music unpressured. The attention upon this project was earned by only making the best music I could make (my apologies, this really is the best I can do), and nothing else. While it’s nice to see Facebook effectively end the spam that musicians are known for pumping out there, I have done everything right according to what I believe, and am still getting hit. I post infrequently and never frivolously – except on Twitter –  because I know folks have plenty else to occupy them. I’ll never presume on you.

I’m not compromising this ethic.

Also, I believe that the organisation of this website will help make things far less confusing. I admit that my handling of things as far as organization of information through Facebook, Bandcamp and Mediafire had been quite abysmal, but at the same time the lack of a central place to link to these places easily did not help my efforts in the least. I can’t post links to Mediafire on Bandcamp, because the latter party won’t allow it. Therefore, if you find me through Bandcamp, I have to direct you to the dumb Facebook page – which gets more difficult by the day to make sense of – and hope you can find my Mediafire link. It’s a shitty place to be – having three presences on the web that do not work together. I hope this website will be the cure-all to that problem.

With all of my best,