Frequent Questions

Do you have label representation?
Yes, Nine Gates Records (NGR) speaks for this project as far as label representation goes.

Would you ever do something with another label?
No.  NGR (Mike O’Brien, CEO) has allowed me to continue to offer my whole discography for free download, and that is VERY important to me. No other for-profit label I’ve ever run into would do that in a million years. Should my relationship with NGR end, I’ll simply represent this project myself through a vanity label. I will not stand for any party outside of this project trying to tell me what I do with this music.

Would you ever ditch the free downloads for major label representation?
Absolutely NOT.

Is your music in the public domain?
No. In all technicality, I reserve all rights upon my music. However, a more defacto sense of what’s going on here can be a little more closely described best by the CC BY-NC-ND license found on the Creative Commons Corporation website. I’ve submitted no legal documentation towards this end – nor EXPRESSLY declared that Appalachian Winter’s music is under CC BY-NC-ND, so by law it stands as a standard copyright. Probably. None of this affects the fact that you are still welcome to the free downloads.

Why are you so adamant about offering free downloads?
Because I’ve been a fortunate person in this life, and I feel that giving this part of me to everyone else without condition is my way of giving back to a world that has given so much to me. Whether you love what I do or hate it, it’s for you to love or hate.

Do you have a Patreon or do crowd-sourcing/funding?
No. If you see “Appalachian Winter” on any crowd-funding site, it is NOT me. Many entertainers use crowdfunding, and that doesn’t bother me at all. Hell, I support Dick Masterson on Patreon because I think he’s the funniest human being on Earth, and the more content I get from him the better off I feel. But it’s not something I’m going to use personally to fund this project.

Do you think people who charge for their stuff should go the free route like you?
ABSOLUTELY NOT, unless it’s something they personally want to do. I most certainly hold no less regard for people who want to make something from their hard work.

Do you sell any merch?
My label does, but I personally do not. See the merchandise page for more.

Is there any kind of merch (patches and such) that exists but isn’t on your merch page for some reason?
Sorry, no. The page is sparse, but comprehensive. I expect it will be added to, but no guarantees. Please keep in mind my main goal with this project is making music that you can download for free, and everything else is secondary.

Could I get something you don’t offer (like a patch or mug) made personally?
Sure!  All I ask is you don’t get hundreds of them made and sell them. If Mike reads this and gets heated, so be it. Boy needs to pay attention to the label he runs.

Can I order CDs and stuff from outside the United States?
Yes, and most of the time we’ll have no trouble getting the items you want to you. However, shipping to some nations can be a problem. Recently, Mike and I had trouble getting stuff to Germany and Belgium. If there is a problem, let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to fix it.

Why are you anti-marketing?
Believe it or not, I’m actually not anti-marketing. What I’m against is the spam that infests social media. Marketing is NOT “bothering people on social media with needy, incessant, and unflinching auto-fellation.” I’m a proud being, and never have done that low-brow shit. And I never will. I am more “pro shutting my damn mouth and letting the music speak for itself.”

Are physical copies of any albums previous to Ghosts of the Mountains available?
Not yet. However, plans are tentatively in the works for some kind of a multi-volume release to change that. I can’t guarantee any kind of release date for something of that nature, as it would be expensive and involved to put together. 

Does Appalachian Winter play live anywhere?
No, that’s simply not possible. It’s unlikely this project will ever see the stage.

Why does your album art suck so bad? Ever think of getting an actual designer instead of just winging it yourself like some friendless asshole?
I like my shitty album art, but yeah – I’m aware I won’t be remembered for my CD presentation. If artists didn’t suck so bad as people, I’d maybe consider commissioning someone, but please keep in mind that this operation is about as ramshackle as it gets. The only reason there’s been a change in artwork now as opposed to the first three albums is I’ve run out of shitty winter pictures to use. Remember, my main goal is making music and putting up the free downloads.

Ever consider changing your logo?
No. A good friend did that logo for me, and I love it. Plus, I’ve been using it forever and it’s readable. A change like that after all these years would be troublesome, and getting my damn guitar sound together is already vexing enough.

I’ve found that someone’s mirrored your free downloads.  Is it okay to get your stuff from them?
Yes, but don’t download if they charge for it. The only paid downloads that are legitimate are the ones on the NGR bandcamp, but those are also free directly from me. I’ve also been on a couple compilations, but I have no idea if those compilers are offering downloads. But if they are, pay them for the other music, not mine. Also, please be mindful of malware, and sites where it’s often present. I can’t do anything for you if your system gets borked or if you’ve inadvertently paid some illegitimate Russian site for my music.

Do the merchandise and paid downloads from NGR support you?
Indirectly. Any money the label gets is used towards making more merchandise, some of which concerns Appalachian Winter.

May I mirror your free downloads?
Yes, but please keep them at no cost and free of malware, otherwise you’re putting yourself at risk. I’ll certainly consider a DMCA, or something substantially more heavyweight – if possible – if I find someone trying to illegitimately make money off my work.

May I upload your songs to YouTube or some other video-sharing site?
Yes, and with my full blessing! Please be aware that sites like YouTube have Content ID matching, and there is some risk it may target you if you run a channel that uploads music, even if it’s unfair (for instance if your upload gets matched with someone else who has also uploaded the same song of mine). I doubt it’ll be a problem, but please be mindful. Please don’t risk a valuable account or YouTube channel for my sake. Please also be aware that imagery or videos you might upload to compliment the music that also don’t come from me (from my album art, whatever banners I put on my Facebook page) or from you is still generated by others who have worked hard to make their art. There’s nothing I can do for you if someone gets vexed at you for using their work without their permission and hits you with a DMCA or some other legal instrument, or even if they drop you nasty message or comment. Keep in mind that not everyone is as gracious with their work as I am, and they are completely within their rights to protect their work from unauthorized use. Also, keep in mind that a Google image search does not yield pictures that are in the public domain.

May I use your music in a video I’m making?
Generally, yes.  If you plan to profit from it, however, please contact me first. I would never want to have to be the jackass who delays or threatens your project via legal action, but I will protect my work aggressively.  The downloads are free for your pleasure, BUT NOT FOR YOUR PROFIT. Even if you’ve paid for physical copies of something, it’s not a license for you to use such work commercially (this applies to all music not in the public domain, not just mine). If your situation leaves you uncertain about whether you’re able to use my stuff with neither notifying nor compensating me, please do contact me: <>

Any openings for positions in the band?