Three New Songs and the New Album in Progress . . .

Important things first – here follow the three new songs:

Endless  –  Streaming | Free Download

Echoes  –  Streaming | Free Download

Fierce  –  Streaming | Free Download

They’re not final quite yet, but they never are until the album is all. Please do forgive me that.

These are all for the new album Winter Always Returns, which is now in progress. Since I usually top these things off at nine songs total, we’re already a third of the way home. As usual, Mike O’Brien will be doing MIDI replacements for the choirs and some of the orchestration, EVENTUALLY. Fucking guy’s not known for his timeliness. The only bit of bad news is that Randy Smith won’t be joining us as well this time around. He’s currently organizing his life in a new residence, so I’ll hope he can join us for what follows this album. No lie, I miss his guitar playing already. The Epochs that Built the Mountains and From the Cosmos to the Mountains would have been very different albums without him, and not in a good way.

I expect this new album to release sometime next year, mid to late.

Until the next song (or batch),

Cheers from my beautiful mountains in Pennsylvania,


Appalachian Winter: Celebrating Ten Years with a Dumb Blog Post I’ll Probably Forget to Share on Social Media . . .

It wasn’t exactly ten years ago today when it happened. It was something I came to slowly.

I like to put the exact founding of the project of Appalachian Winter to when I got the name in my head. Likely, that means it was sometime in March of 2008 when I somehow generated the name “Appalachian Winter” in that eternally empty vacuum cleaner bag I call my mind. Knowing me (which I do very well), it would have been a very short time after which I emailed my good buddy Jason with a logo request, and you can feel free to judge for yourself how that went by having a look at every release cover to this project’s name.

But it wasn’t as simple as saying “Hey, I’m going to do a black metal project. Once I have a name and a logo, all the rest will just fall into place.” The song “Into the Abode of Wolves” had been written before in – if memory serves me right – November of 2007. The writing of that song, which I remember as being a sudden and explosive happening, ended a really bad point in my life, musically. Back then, when I was doing music on my own (I’ve always had projects and bands with friends, and my solo stuff was alongside those), I was going under my name, D.G. Klyne, or D. George Klyne. I had until recently at that time planned three separate solo albums, and all of them fell apart.

Those weren’t my first failures, and they won’t be the last. But three of them on top of each other was a hefty kick in the face for me. The truth is, my solo stuff under my own name was always quite sub-par. These three albums – when I realized they had no future – would have been a step down even from what I finished before then. God, one of them was going to be a generic prog-metal effort that was trying to deal with shit like String Theory. Seriously, what the fuck was I on about with pretending I was smart like that? So that shit had no soul nor reason for existing to begin with. Another was a generic black metal album which may at least have been important in turning me towards what would later become Appalachian Winter, but the imagery and themes were generic and unfocused, meaning that it too would be soulless and without need of existence. A third would have been an acoustic album, and while that one had the best music and the most focus, it would have required a good singing voice which is something I do not at all have.

So, there I was with three legally dead albums that I had put time and blood into. That was the worst I had ever felt about my musicianship in my life, and I’ve never had a healthy relationship with my own music (I still don’t). Seriously, if my music was an actual person, I’d have some kind of psychotic co-dependent relationship with it, because I’m always stuck between being awe-struck that I can do anything with a musical instrument and then hearing other people’s music and saying, “No, everything I do is rat-fuck garbage.” The point being, I wanted out of the music thing. I wanted to sell all my shit and never have to worry about the pressure of putting an album together again. That is how the story of my musicianship almost ended.

But, by some miracle, it didn’t. Looking back, it was all too obvious what was happening. The albums I tried to make were unfulfilling and meaningless because I was doing it all for the wrong reasons. I was trying to be something I was not, doing music for somebody who was an abstraction, and doing things that would have called abilities greater than what I have down from the realm of Platonic Perfection.

Shortly after everything fell apart, “Into the Abode of Wolves” happened. It’s weird to say that about something you’ve written, like it happened to me instead of it being myself that affected change, but I’ve always had a sense that I don’t write music. Instead, it feels like I’m some vessel through which music is written. Anyway, all I knew when it was done was, “This is it. This has to be it. I finally found it, right? What my whole life as a musician has been leading up to?” The only thing that stole absolute certainty from me in the roaring high that followed the completion of that song was the track record of THREE ALBUMS FAILING ON ME SIMULTANEOUSLY. But my friends verified it. They all said things which could be boiled down to, “Yeah, I think you’ve found what you’re meant to do,” or “Yeah, this one’s different somehow, and it looks like this is the right way for you.”

I may not be smart enough to write about String Theory, but I can Goddamned write about these mountains in whom I’ve been nestled my whole life. I may not have enough abstract thought to perceive what a large audience might want and try to write for them, but I can sure as Hell write something that will make me, myself proud (kinda). I may not be able to sing well, but I can howl like a raging storm, and I’ve dealt with enough frustration that I can really put some force behind such a thing as well.

This is Appalachian Winter. It’s the best I have. It’s the top of my musicianship, the best of my poetry, and the whole of my soul.

While I do this for myself, and Appalachian Winter would exist even in a vacuum, to those of you who also enjoy this stuff along with me, you have all of my respect and gratitude. Always remember, the downloads are free and with my blessing.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

-A silly boy named Danny

From the Cosmos to the Mountains sees its official release today (plus hints at what comes next at the bottom of this post).

This is it. This is the album I’ve been wanting to do for well over ten years now. I’ve wanted this even before Appalachian Winter existed! And now that everything’s done and official. . . I CAN’T LISTEN TO IT BECAUSE I’M SO FUCKING SICK OF IT. Gotta love the human condition.

With a little luck, you good folks might actually be able to stomach this one much better than I can right now. Streaming is free, the downloads are free, and if you want physical copies, Nine Gates Records would love to help you in that regard.

I mentioned it in the announcement concerning The Lake and the Mountain but it may bear repeating: shipping costs can get rather steep for those of you not in the United States. If you would like multiple albums, it may be more financially sound to order them at once, rather than separately. Also, bear in mind that Appalachian Winter has five physical releases with Nine Gates Records in total as of today:

  1. Ghosts of the Mountains, (2013: CD, digipack [NGR – 002])
  2. Berglieder, (2013: split 12″ vinyl record with Draumar, not metal [NGR – 004])
  3. The Epochs that Built the Mountains, (2014: CD, digipack [NGR – 009])
  4. The Lake and the Mountain, (2017: CD, digipack, not metal [NGR – 011]) and
  5. From the Cosmos to the Mountains, (2017: CD, digipack [NGR – 012]).

I’m the only metal band on Nine Gates (I think) at the moment, but if you’re into uncommon music, you may find find their Bandcamp site worth investigating. You may bundle any release(s) from there with an Appalachian Winter CD or more and save money on postage as I’ve mentioned.

What Comes Next?

Now that all of that previous business is out of the way, it’s time for my favorite part of the after-effects of a new release: what comes next! I don’t myself have the full details of the next album yet, but I can say for sure that topping The Cosmos to the Mountains is something far outside my capabilities. I had a good many moments where I didn’t think I’d be able to complete the album itself, and the thematic-history content is exhausted. The past three metal albums were all histories, one anthropocentric, one geological, and now one cosmic. I don’t have the imagination to go further back than the Big Bang. I also finally feel that I don’t have anything left to prove, and that may be dangerous – it could foretell that whatever comes next might really suck pretty hard. But, I’m going to keep Appalachian Winter going as long as I can, so I have drawn plans for the next album. It’s going to try to return somewhat to the themes and style of the releases I started with. I’m going to do that good shit I know how to do, and I’m going to really have fun with this one.  I even have a name for the album. It’ll be called Winter Always Returns. With a little luck, it’ll be complete sometime in 2019. When I have a song done, I’ll be sure to post it for you good folks. It may be a few months before that happens, though.

Allow me to close with this: Whether you’ve downloaded the music, purchased or are planning to purchase CDs of mine, uploaded my stuff to YouTube or some other site where folks share things, reviewed an album, commented on a song, or shared my stuff with others; you have my deepest thanks and appreciation for your time. It’s truly flattering and humbling.


-Danny, a silly man with a rinky-dink project that tries to be black metal.

From the Cosmos to the Mountains


 All Begins Now
In the beginning, all was void and without form,
And the cosmos was but a mote upon the face of the deep.
An unknown grain of sand upon some distant shore,
Once could have shamed the cosmos,
And a fleck of dust floating in a sunbeam,
Could once have known greater breadth and reach,
For a water drop once could have carried the cosmos
into the sea to be lost forever.And so it was, but all begins now,
From our initial cause to our aftermath.
Let it be reverence to look upon the sky;
Knowing it once might have hidden under a pebble,
From the sharpest of gazes.
But all begins now, for now; forever.Distance and time; here and now
Is forever where all begins;
And forever from the first cause.All begins now, from first cause to final darkness,
For even the cosmos will know final sleep.

All begins now, from that first mote
Exploding into a greatness beyond the dreams of gods.


Fury is an all-boiling fire, the force of which knows no end.

Written in the stars are faint memories
Of a blinding epoch of unknowable wrath.

Radiate beyond light; boil and expand.
Young cosmos, exploding through time,
Boil in a rage greater than light.

Surge through a space greater than time.
Boil with a rage greater than time.

Radiate beyond light; boil and expand,
Young cosmos, stretching through time,
Boil in a rage greater than light.

Surge through a space greater than time
With the rage of a lightless fire.

Boil in in a rage greater then time,
For a mote becomes ultimate grandeur.

Radiate beyond light; boil and expand.
Young cosmos, exploding through time,
Boil in a rage greater than light.

From the centers of stars to the blood of every Earthly creature,
Creation is aflame; exploding into unknowable greatness.

Fire – creating, molding, shaping,
Cosmos – descendant, ascendant, transcendent,
From one the other explodes.
Firehewn is all – the heavens above; the Earth below.Condensation forms as cosmos from fire;
Ashes of creation to forever re-enflame.Firehewn is all – the essence of this world
And all others.Firehewn is all – the essence of our heavens;
The essence of time itself.

From fury is come that which has built the heavens and this earth.

Now, the essence of sight is free.
Now, radiance and creation are one.
Essence comes aglow, and the cosmos afire,
For the first light is the grandest.Let there be light!
Let there be wonder!
Let there be heavens that can be seen!
Let there be sight!
Let there be endless awe!
Let there be a cosmos that can be known!
Gathering nebulous fires
Determine the shapes of great things,
For the flash of the past is the explosion of now
As the eons build.
For the flash of the past is the motion for now
As the eons form.
See now the shapes of the eons built.
Rise, the heavens we know:
Orb, ellipse, vortex, and chaos.
Rise, energy passes, essence takes form:
Orb, ellipse, vortex, and chaos.Gathering nebulous fires:
Orb, ellipse, vortex, and chaos.
For the flash of the past is the motion for now:
Orb, ellipse, vortex, and chaos.
Fire, ashes fire; – creation upon creation –
The cosmos finds new life as the epochs pass.
Let light fall upon creation’s distant realms.
Vaporous seas of essence
– once distant –
Now entwining,
Bear the vortexes that bear the cosmos light.May creation – in all its beauty – shine with bounteous light.Cosmos afire – cosmos alight –
And starshine falling from unknown height,
With promise of grandeur and promise sight
Kept through darkness and cosmic might.


Now is when stars build the cosmos.

From creation to creation
And fire to fire
The Stars no longer wander alone
To sing from the face of the deep.

Now is the epoch of worlds.

Glorious creation becoming grander
And singing more loudly with distinct harmony
And bearing countlessly beautiful infinities,
Foster now the stages upon which great dramas
May soon enact.

Born of stars, countless worlds roil
In the order and chaos of creation.
And so in endless manifestations
Form and beauty pass into existence.

Somewhere, in a corner of the cosmos,
Long since lost to time,
When stars were young,
That which we know had its genesis.
And so from the remnants of ancient stars long dead,
Somewhere, a center was found and destiny followed.
And in a sightless, blind light, this young creation first cried
– In a rage beyond time – the tears that formed existence
And in a fresh, young light, a newborn star first shined
And pulled the surrounding dust into vortexes.
And so from the remnants of ancient stars long dead,
Life has came to our Sun and life has come to our Earth.Glory to the dead stars, the dust of which reached across the cosmos,
To come upon itself and so beautifully forge a reality beyond dreams.Glory to our Sun!
Glory to our Earth!Glory to our Sun!
Glory to our Earth!
Glory to the stars above!
Glory to our beautiful cosmos!

Echoes of the cosmos boil still within this tiny world,
For all the Earth was once the sky,
With the same cosmic storms now inside.
So as the Earth has fallen, the mountains rise;
Reaching back to heavens so far away.
The cosmos lives brilliantly through our tiny world,
For the stars that gave us life have now gone by,
But our hallowed, graceful mountains shall always rise.
And so from the heavens has come the Earth,
To reach back to Heaven with our Mountains.Somewhere, mountains always shall rise,
As creation evolves ever greater majesty,
And our heavenly earth reaches into divinity.Rise, mountains, rise!Reach back to the heavens!
We are the heavens!

From the Cosmos to the Mountains is now finalized.

Quick announcement – the music for From the Cosmos to the Mountains is now final, and is now as it shall appear on release day, 09 November, and after that forever more.

Here it is:  Streaming | Download

Because the download link for the album is now a single file, all previous links to the individual songs for this album are now broken.

All work concerned with the physical release is also finalized.  We expect to have the physical copies ready to ship on time.  Pre-orders will be available beginning today (24 October) at 10:00 AM USEDT here on Nine Gates Bandcamp.

Next announcement will be on the release day proper.  If you feel like this announcement was a spoiler, stay tuned for that one where I might drop some news on what album comes next, which would make that announcement also a spoiler.  Shit.