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Wilt Hollow Workhouse Studio – The home of this project. Running, but under construction – and due to this being based in PA, this particular web space will be under construction for some time. Fuck PennDOT.

Nine Gates Records – The label that represents this project.  If you need anything beyond the merchandise offered there, email <>.

The Chicago Jay Show – Three hour blocks of metal. Jay isn’t doing the show right now, but it’s still a wonderful resource. Jay’s a fantastic guy who knows his shit inside and out.

Sorrow Eternal They’re back! I think they’re gone again. Damnit. Still a great resource for metalheads. As of today (20 January 2018) their website is here. Their old Blogspot site remains as well.

Wyrd Ways Rock Show – More good people, and another resource to find great bands.

The Hammer of Retribution Ogg-Cast – Jon’s a great guy, and these blocks of metal are a stellar listen.

Metal Soundscapes – I believe the first review ever of my material is Dmitris’s review of Winter Eternal. His favorable but also honest reviews afforded to Appalachian Winter’s efforts helped me make changes to project for the better, and stand as a testament to the fact that when a critic likes your work, but also suggests improvements, your best bet is to listen.