Two new songs . . .

Allow me to begin with the new music!

The first song (metal) is called “Stars, Make Creation Shine Again.”
Streaming | Download

The second (non-metal) is called “Perfect Blue Sky.”
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That makes three songs to go for each album. We’re getting close!

Apologies for the long wait, and for the fewness of new songs. I don’t think I’m capable of any more five song announcements!  With a little luck, the next batch won’t be so distant from now in time, but no promises can be made.  I still expect both albums to be done by this year’s end.

All my best,


Five New Songs?! Jesus Christ.

Folks, here’s a FIVE song update. Let’s start with the metal stuff, since I sense that’s why most of you are here.

The first is called “Essence Condensing from Fury.” Streaming | Download

The second is called “This Moment, All Is Light.” Streaming | Download

The two above are from the upcoming album From the Cosmos to the Mountains.

The third is called “Bring Me Victory.” Streaming | Download
It is a cover originally from Melankolia. It’s probably the only outright cover you’ll see from me involving music not in the public domain. This is released as a single.

The last two are not metal, and are from  The Lake and the Mountain:

“Northern Wilderness”Streaming | Download

“A Place Where Years May See No Souls”Streaming | Download

This kicked my ass, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear anything more afterwards for a little while, even though I’ve sat on the Melankolia cover for close to a couple years. But the good news is we’re over the hill with both albums I’m working on. There are eight more songs to go, four for both From the Cosmos to the Mountains and The Lake and the Mountain.

If I don’t get to speak to you folks before then – which is likely – my best wishes are upon you for this season and the new year – for whenever and whatever you celebrate therein.

But there is more to come! See you in 2017.



More new songs . . .

And here now are some more songs. Apologies for being a slacker, there are only three this time instead of four.

The first one is for the non-metal album being done right now, called “Glide upon the Water.”

Streaming | Free Download

The other two are for the traditional more metal album being worked on. The first is called “All Begins Now.”

StreamingFree Download

And the second is called “Boiling, Upsurging Expanse.”

Streaming | Free Download

Please do keep in mind that the songs may change a tad over time as the albums come closer to completion. That’s kind of the way I’ve always done, but I don’t think I’ve given you good folks the courtesy of letting you know until just now. Sorry about that. I’m still – after all these years – learning how to do this crap.

EDIT (June 2016): Download link for “All Begins Now” has changed due to vocal corrections.

EDIT 2 (24 August 2016): Download links for “All Begins Now” and “Boiling, Upsurging Expanse” have changed due to vocal and other corrections.



New Songs and Announcements for the next two albums . . .

Okay, I’ve got some new music and tonight I’m not kidding around in the least. There are FOUR new tracks now representing the start I have on two albums. Before you get too excited though, only one of them is metal.

That one is “Come Together and Build the Heavens.” It’s going to be for an album called From the Mountains to the Cosmos, which will be the proper follow-up to The Epochs that Built the Mountains.

StreamingFree Download:

The next three tracks are for an album called The Lake and the Mountain. This album is going to be more like my side of the Berglieder split with Draumar, though I stress that this is NOT a follow-up to that effort; this one’s its own thing. I expect these tracks to be a bit shorter than usual. If you’re here for metal, skip this album. If you don’t, don’t blame me for the yawns you may experience!

The first of these is called “Night of Quiet Rain.”

Streaming | Free Download

The next is called “Fog Lifts from the Lake.”

Streaming | Free Download

The last is called “For Lois.”

Streaming | Free Download

My plans are to continue work on both of these albums simultaneously. Please keep in mind that the sound of these tracks may change as the albums develop and I become more certain of how both of these efforts are going to sound, so your downloads may not be the final sound of the individual tracks.