A new song for the Winterhewn album, “Defy as Death Surrounds,” awaits your ears!

Here we go with another one!


Streaming is Bandcamp only at the moment.  When the album is done, it’ll be up on the major streaming services (with the rest of Winterhewn) as soon as I can upload them.

Please do keep in mind that songs may be adjusted as the album is completed.  Still, seven songs down, two left!  God, that feels good to say.  I can’t wait for this album to be done.  I won’t drop too many hints here, but not only will this album be something I feel quite worthy of pride, but I absolutely can’t wait for what’s coming after it!

Until the next song is done – stay well and healthy, my friends.  I’m cheering for you and us all together.



“Forsake the Dream of Spring” marks the fifth song done! Ghosts of the Mountains is being reprinted. Also, more online streaming options.

Important thing first:

Forsake the Dream of Spring:  Streaming|Download

Please keep in mind that these aren’t quite final versions.  They won’t be until I have all songs to compare and master. Once the .zip file for Winterhewn is uploaded (four more songs to go), then they are set in stone forever.

Ghosts of the Mountains is being reprinted and will be available on 09 March 2020, the seven year anniversary of the original run! I’ll have links updated on the merch page where the album currently reads as sold out. If you wanted it but missed this first run, here is another chance to have it in physical form.

Also, I bit the bullet and put a couple Appalachian Winter albums (the latest three) up on a bunch of streaming services through an online distributor. Some of these services, like Apple Music and Amazon Music offer paid downloads,


You’re welcome to use Amazon, iTunes, Google, and whoever else to download my music, but never feel that you are under any obligation to do so. I did this to expand Appalachian Winter’s reach, and to make it easier for people who already listen to this stuff to enjoy it through whatever streaming services they might use. I do intend to populate these online fronts with my full discography eventually, and I’ll announce more additions as well.

This will never change the free downloads through MediaFire. It also will not change my relationship with Nine Gates Records, which still handles my physical distribution, unless fucking Mike forgets to order the reprints for Ghosts of the Mountains and the CDs get to him late despite my CONSTANT FUCKING REMINDING OF HIM, in which case I will call him a bunch of foul names until he fixes that bullshit. Hopefully it will make him feel bad for fucking up, which will make me probably also feel bad for making him feel bad, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

Until next time!



Two More Songs For Winterhewn Now Available:

One is called “The Thunder of Distant Storms.”
Streaming | Download

The other is called “Howls in the Wind.”
Streaming | Download

That’s four down, five to go. Please do keep in mind that these songs aren’t final until the album as a whole is complete.

I doubt I’ll have anything else ready by the time this month is all, so please allow me to wish all of you my best this holiday season.

By the way, I never mentioned this in a post, but Ghosts of the Mountains sold out a good while ago. I probably shouldn’t be glowing with something akin to pride over a run of only 100 CDs selling out, but I am. Actually, I’m more shocked by that occurrence than anything. I never thought this silly project would even amount to that, so please allow me to express my gratitude towards that (and you, most importantly) as well. Also, plans are in the works for reprints, so if you want a hard copy of that album, no need to despair. Sometime in the first quarter of the year, that album’s reissue should be back on the shelves. I’m thinking March 9th, as it would be that album’s six-year anniversary, but that’s not set in stone. I’ll announce that when it happens. I also expect Winterhewn to be done by summer of next year at the latest as well.


Kicking off Winterhewn, the Upcoming Album with two new tracks!

Here we go for full album #10!  If you saw the teaser I put out a couple months ago, you already know the name of this album and one of the songs, “Crystalline World.”  The full song follows here: Streaming|Download

The other song is called “Born of Winter.”  It is here: Streaming|Download

For those of you new to Appalachian Winter, the downloads are FREE. You may have the whole discography for free as well! Streaming is free as well, of course.

One last thing – I made a lyric video for “Crystalline World.” Please don’t expect the moon, it’s just shots from last winter from places I know. I didn’t even put my money where my mouth is on most of the scenes in that video and actually go outside because it was fucking cold as Hell. Because of that, you’ll likely see window reflections in a couple shots because I didn’t know what polarizing filters can do. Honestly, I still kinda don’t. Being a dumbass is great.

Any rate, just seven more songs to go!


-Danny, your humble dumbass


Winter Always Returns

This is the ninth full length album. Appalachian Winter reverted to being a solo project with this effort. This release also marks the ability of Wilt Hollow Workhouse Studio (this project’s home) to use MIDI replacement. This album also marks the beginning of my attention to EQ, and how to fit mixes together sonically with methods other than presence and panning.  While I’m proud of the music, the mixes sound flat to me now. I’m working hard to address that with newer efforts. It truly is a lifelong effort to become proficient with something.


Streaming | Download