Silence Before the Great Mountain Wind

This is Appalachian Winter’s very first album! Fun fact: I almost gave up music just before I started working on this album. The lesson here is obvious; failure becomes greater when paired with persistence.



Endless nights of roaring wind, endless days of ocean blue skies over endless mountains within endless days of Winter’s wrath.

These are the days that build the soul.
These are the nights that test the will.
These are the hours to gain pure wisdom.
These are the days to make one strong.

If you wish it, you may live among mountains tall.
And you may enjoy the solitude they offer.
And if you hold a strong mind, the great mountains may spare it.

If you wish it, you may leave your flat world behind and let the extra dimension take your breath away.
And let the land bear you skyward,
And Speak to you of a savage life.

If you wish it, you may leave the mountains behind.
But know they will stand tall long after the Earth swallows your sunbleached bones.

The mountains hold my soul and take all pain away.
Nothing else can rule my heart.
Nothing else can be my God.
Mountain wind will silence all and reduce the world to One.
When it’s quiet I’ll roar my rage.
When it roars, I am quiet.

If you wish, you may speak into the Great Mountain Wind.
But it will tear those words from your lips and hurl them into a raging infinity, never to be heard again.
If you wish, you may turn your back upon the Great Mountain Wind, but it will mock you and push you to you face.
Or, turn your face to it and let it push you to your back.

Learn to be silent.

Into the Abode of Wolves we are drawn, we, who live so fiercely.
We, whose passions burn so brilliantly, howl our rage into the endless sky and consume this moment entirely.
Into the Abode of Wolves we are drawn, we, who know no boundaries between our feet and this Earth.
We, who once were the final force of balance on this land can yet instill fear of those ancient times in the hearts of the weak.The Reign of a Million Years collapsed all too quickly, as a new fearful beast ended our grand empire.
But when he falls and his proud monuments are reclaimed by the Earth, the abode of man will return to that of the wolves.Into the Abode of Wolves we are drawn, we, who hold no sympathy for the gentle grazers of this world.
And in a furious blaze, we’ll create the paths your pathetic kind always will fear to tread!

Cold, frozen landscape, a throne of horror widening, image through the soul, weakening hope.

Life is a fire that won’t burn forever.
It freezes, it fades.
Hope is the curse of the individual.
It dies with him.
Fear is the individual’s lust for life.
Paralyzing, it kills.
Nature is a mother who eats her own young,
Without care.

Old, battered landscape, a tinge of memory fading.
Soul and body falls to the ground.

Remember the seasons of temperate grace?
Stood I then amongst the falling rain.
Death hides not in the summer’s warm winds,
But a February breeze can kill.

Winter is a beast that tortures the strong,
And kills the weak.
Cold are the devils that walk this dark time,
They, who bite and sting.
Snow is the blanket of a world at rest.
It smothers, it chills.
Winter is the beast that renews the land,
And kills the weak.

I am lost, and have become weak.

Deep in the wilderness, something screams.
Deep in the wilderness, something cries for its life.
We stand and listen as one unseen entity brutally overpowers another.
The unseen struggle, made vivid by presence of sound and lack of sight.Deep in the wilderness, something screams and the forest comes alive, echoing whispers of fear and agony.
We stand and feel the tense air,
Frozen by ancient memories older than the land.
Continued wails and the rustle of leaves betray an agonizing fight against death.Deep in the wilderness, something screams.
Deep in the wilderness, fear is never far away.We stand and feel the tense air, beholding another scream as flesh rends from flesh.
The stars above, winking down, as something out there is dying.

Deep in the wilderness, something ceased screaming.
A hush falls upon the forest.

We stand and feel the tense air give out.
The song of fear and agony dies, too.
Cannot the peaceful stars be asked to care of the passing of one sentient being?

In silence, two entities return to the forest,
One of them empowered by new life,
The other as a ghost among thousands.

Here comes the wind!
Here comes the rage of the sky!
Here comes the war, the battle between Earth and Sun.
Here comes the rage, a cosmic fury upon the land.
Here comes the wind, a power not to be stood against!
Here comes the wind to mirror the fury in my soul.
Here comes the power.
Here comes a reason to hold great fear!
Here comes Destruction to manifest a life-giving killer.
Here comes the wind!
Here comes the end of all Peace!Here comes the wind to betray this world’s darker nature.
Here comes the storm and thunder to take our hearts away!
Here comes the ice – projectiles in the freezing breeze!
Here comes the wind – a bloody revolution in the sky!
Here comes the wind!
I dare the strongest of you fools to stand in its face!
Here comes the fear that the wise are justified to have.
Here comes the pain of those fools who think their say is final.
Here comes the wind – the power you’re all destined to fall before!Here comes the wind!
Here comes the rage of the sky!
Here comes the war, the battle between Earth and Sun.
Here comes the rage to force me blindly to my knees,
To scream into my my face,
“You’ll never have Pride before me!”
Here comes the wind!
I am the Mountain.
I am Stone.
I am the sky.
I am the rivers.
I am the rain.
I am the fog.
I am the wind.
I am the sun.
My rage, played by the storm,
My desire, thrown to the sky,
My passion, roaring in the wind,
All these things are me, and I am they.
And when the Mountain calls to me,
I know who I am.
The stone is my body.
The Mountain is my soul.I am Wolf.
I am Bear.
I am Panther.
I am Eagle.
I am the Mountain.
I am stone.
I am wind.
I am sun.And when the Mountain calls on me,
I know who I am.
Beauty, lost in the fog, not beheld by eyes longing in the face of pain, not in defeat satisfied.
The rage of the sky, shown in the Wind betrays not a temperate clime or the fates of fools lost in the storm never to be seen again.
Hail to the sky!
I give you my fear and adoration:
You, who assails me with ice, wind and fog;
You, who brings lightning, rain and thunder –
You beautiful monster!Hail to the sky!
I give you my fear and adoration.
Those elements with which you assail me are the elements of change upon the land already worn away by years of torment under your benign hue.Hail to the sky!
I give you my fear and adoration,
You, whose essence I breath to sing praises unto your power;
You, who hold the genesis of life hath such little pity upon bare flesh and blood.
Nights grow longer and the cold stronger as the world gallops towards icy times.
Sun grows weaker.
Days grow bleaker.
Era of warmth becomes frigid clime.
Hold close to your heart memories of a living land.
Hold close to your soul the hope of warmer days.The air grows colder and the year older as death-fearing creatures prepare themselves.
Colors grow lighter.
Leaves grow brighter as their smell beckons Winter closer.Skies grow bluer.
Birds grow fewer.
A halting world nearly freezes in time.
Then wolf does call and the last leaf falls and all shall wait for first breath of ice.
We descend into a world of contrast-
The fullest white of Winter’s rage
And darkest black of a winter’s night.
These months, I know only cold.
These months, I know only how to suffer.We descend into a world of fright
And come to know our mortality,
For death is written upon every ice pellet
And flake of snow that falls from the sky.These months I only know cold . . .We descend into a world of beauty.
It offers a test and demands one to stand,
For if we can stand with the unforgiving wilderness,
We prove ourselves worthy of its fruits.

So here I am:
I stand silent before the Great Mountain Wind!

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