“Shallow Are the Depths of Warmth” Completes Winterhewn.

I’ve made the decision to end production for this album at eight songs instead of my usual nine. This is only because of studio upgrades happening right now that require my attention, and it’s still resulting in an album over an hour in length. So don’t worry, this turn of events does not portend anything bad for Appalachian Winter.  I’ve still, even at now TEN full albums, got a lot left in me.  Hey, at one time I didn’t even think I’d make it past five of these things.


Downloads are consolidated into a .zip file for the whole album here.

I’ve started the discussion for a physical release with Nine Gates, and we have November 9 of this year as the day the album is official. I’ll be sure to let you know about pre-orders (should those happen) and I’ll put up a reminder on release day as well.

Jesus Christ. Ten albums. Twelve years. I started Appalachian Winter at the tender age of twenty-eight and now I’m a nose hair away from forty years. I guess many people would take this as an opportunity to go on about what they’ve learned or some lame shit like that. You know what I learned? If I changed this project’s name to “Appalling Wankery,” I could keep the fucking initials. What can I tell you – wisdom is a trophy hard-fought for.

As far as any new songs go, it may be awhile. These studio upgrades are no joke – they include a new computer and audio interface.

Be well, and see you whenever I post whatever song I have completed first for Wintermountains Rise! I’m already excited for that album.

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