New Song “Mountainwraith” kicks off Wintermountains Rise – FINALLY.

I’ll tell you all about why a little later in this post, but important things first:

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Please bear in mind that mixing and mastering are subject to change. I don’t rule out re-doing the drums either, which brings me to the reason why it’s been so long since Winterhewn for me to become active again with music. It’s this:

Before this, the drums came from that gray keyboard on the bottom.
Forgive the wide-angle distortion in the image.
All miced up (overheads, reso snare, kick, and room mics are out of shot).

This drum stuff is not easy. I built this set in the late summer/fall of 2020, just as the Winterhewn album was finishing up. My time between then and now has been learning to play, capture, and produce this thing – which I am still doing. It’s one of the reasons I foresee a retake on drums – another being the tempo is a bit out of my comfort range. I’m much more confident at 110-140 bpm than at 90 and then later 80 bpm, which was this song.

I have no experience with drums before this.

It’s probably going to slow me down as far as album production for Appalachian Winter goes. I’m used to a little over a year between starting and finishing a full album. Wintermountains Rise is most likely going to be done mid-2023 at the earliest. I have eleven songs planned for this one, so that marks ten more to go.

Until the next song is done,


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