More new songs . . .

And here now are some more songs. Apologies for being a slacker, there are only three this time instead of four.

The first one is for the non-metal album being done right now, called “Glide upon the Water.” Edit: That song is now available in a .zip file with the rest of the album here.


The other two are for the traditional more metal album being worked on. The first is called “All Begins Now.” Edit: those two are now available in a .zip file of the whole album here.


And the second is called “Boiling, Upsurging Expanse.”


Please do keep in mind that the songs may change a tad over time as the albums come closer to completion. That’s kind of the way I’ve always done, but I don’t think I’ve given you good folks the courtesy of letting you know until just now. Sorry about that. I’m still – after all these years – learning how to do this crap.



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