More new songs . . .

And here now are some more songs. Apologies for being a slacker, there are only three this time instead of four.

The first one is for the non-metal album being done right now, called “Glide upon the Water.”

Streaming | Free Download

The other two are for the traditional more metal album being worked on. The first is called “All Begins Now.”

StreamingFree Download

And the second is called “Boiling, Upsurging Expanse.”

Streaming | Free Download

Please do keep in mind that the songs may change a tad over time as the albums come closer to completion. That’s kind of the way I’ve always done, but I don’t think I’ve given you good folks the courtesy of letting you know until just now. Sorry about that. I’m still – after all these years – learning how to do this crap.

EDIT (June 2016): Download link for “All Begins Now” has changed due to vocal corrections.

EDIT 2 (24 August 2016): Download links for “All Begins Now” and “Boiling, Upsurging Expanse” have changed due to vocal and other corrections.



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