New Song “Mountainwraith” kicks off Wintermountains Rise – FINALLY.

I’ll tell you all about why a little later in this post, but important things first:

Streaming | Download

Please bear in mind that mixing and mastering are subject to change. I don’t rule out re-doing the drums either, which brings me to the reason why it’s been so long since Winterhewn for me to become active again with music. It’s this:

Before this, the drums came from that gray keyboard on the bottom.
Forgive the wide-angle distortion in the image.
All miced up (overheads, reso snare, kick, and room mics are out of shot).

This drum stuff is not easy. I built this set in the late summer/fall of 2020, just as the Winterhewn album was finishing up. My time between then and now has been learning to play, capture, and produce this thing – which I am still doing. It’s one of the reasons I foresee a retake on drums – another being the tempo is a bit out of my comfort range. I’m much more confident at 110-140 bpm than at 90 and then later 80 bpm, which was this song.

I have no experience with drums before this.

It’s probably going to slow me down as far as album production for Appalachian Winter goes. I’m used to a little over a year between starting and finishing a full album. Wintermountains Rise is most likely going to be done mid-2023 at the earliest. I have eleven songs planned for this one, so that marks ten more to go.

Until the next song is done,


Winterhewn’s Official release is today, and physical copies are available.

Winterhewn, Appalachian Winter’s TENTH full album is here. If you enjoy the free downloads, well, that’s likely not the biggest news, but if you have a thing for physical copies, today’s the day those become available. You can get one here directly from Nine Gates Records.

As always you can stream and download .mp3-320 files for free. I know, you hear that from me all the time. But keep in mind those folks who have just found this music and are interested in it. I think it’s only fair that they should know as well. The whole discography is free to stream and download!

See you when I begin work with Wintermountains Rise!



“Shallow Are the Depths of Warmth” Completes Winterhewn.

I’ve made the decision to end production for this album at eight songs instead of my usual nine. This is only because of studio upgrades happening right now that require my attention, and it’s still resulting in an album over an hour in length. So don’t worry, this turn of events does not portend anything bad for Appalachian Winter.  I’ve still, even at now TEN full albums, got a lot left in me.  Hey, at one time I didn’t even think I’d make it past five of these things.


Downloads are consolidated into a .zip file for the whole album here.

I’ve started the discussion for a physical release with Nine Gates, and we have November 9 of this year as the day the album is official. I’ll be sure to let you know about pre-orders (should those happen) and I’ll put up a reminder on release day as well.

Jesus Christ. Ten albums. Twelve years. I started Appalachian Winter at the tender age of twenty-eight and now I’m a nose hair away from forty years. I guess many people would take this as an opportunity to go on about what they’ve learned or some lame shit like that. You know what I learned? If I changed this project’s name to “Appalling Wankery,” I could keep the fucking initials. What can I tell you – wisdom is a trophy hard-fought for.

As far as any new songs go, it may be awhile. These studio upgrades are no joke – they include a new computer and audio interface.

Be well, and see you whenever I post whatever song I have completed first for Wintermountains Rise! I’m already excited for that album.

A new song for the Winterhewn album, “Defy as Death Surrounds,” awaits your ears!

Here we go with another one!


Downloads are consolidated into a .zip file for the whole album here.

Streaming is Bandcamp only at the moment.  When the album is done, it’ll be up on the major streaming services (with the rest of Winterhewn) as soon as I can upload them.

Seven songs down, two left!  God, that feels good to say.  I can’t wait for this album to be done.  I won’t drop too many hints here, but not only will this album be something I feel quite worthy of pride, but I absolutely can’t wait for what’s coming after it!

Until the next song is done – stay well and healthy, my friends.  I’m cheering for you and us all together.



New song “Ice Heart” joins the Winterhewn album today!

I wish I could have done something with a more uplifting message during this nasty time where many folks are scared and suffering. But, it’s still six songs down and three more to go. I’m projecting a fall release date for this album at the latest, but we’ll see how things go.


Downloads are consolidated into a .zip file for the whole album here.

Be well, my friends.



“Forsake the Dream of Spring” marks the fifth song done! Ghosts of the Mountains is being reprinted. Also, more online streaming options.

Important thing first:

Forsake the Dream of Spring:  Streaming

Downloads are consolidated into a .zip file for the whole album here.

Ghosts of the Mountains is being reprinted and will be available on 09 March 2020, the seven year anniversary of the original run! I’ll have links updated on the merch page where the album currently reads as sold out. If you wanted it but missed this first run, here is another chance to have it in physical form.

Also, I bit the bullet and put a couple Appalachian Winter albums (the latest three) up on a bunch of streaming services through an online distributor. Some of these services, like Apple Music and Amazon Music offer paid downloads,


You’re welcome to use Amazon, iTunes, Google, and whoever else to download my music, but never feel that you are under any obligation to do so. I did this to expand Appalachian Winter’s reach, and to make it easier for people who already listen to this stuff to enjoy it through whatever streaming services they might use. I do intend to populate these online fronts with my full discography eventually, and I’ll announce more additions as well.

This will never change the free downloads through MediaFire. It also will not change my relationship with Nine Gates Records, which still handles my physical distribution, unless fucking Mike forgets to order the reprints for Ghosts of the Mountains and the CDs get to him late despite my CONSTANT FUCKING REMINDING OF HIM, in which case I will call him a bunch of foul names until he fixes that bullshit. Hopefully it will make him feel bad for fucking up, which will make me probably also feel bad for making him feel bad, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

Until next time!



Two More Songs For Winterhewn Now Available:

One is called “The Thunder of Distant Storms.”

The other is called “Howls in the Wind.”

Downloads are consolidated into a .zip file for the whole album here.

That’s four down, five to go.

I doubt I’ll have anything else ready by the time this month is all, so please allow me to wish all of you my best this holiday season.

By the way, I never mentioned this in a post, but Ghosts of the Mountains sold out a good while ago. I probably shouldn’t be glowing with something akin to pride over a run of only 100 CDs selling out, but I am. Actually, I’m more shocked by that occurrence than anything. I never thought this silly project would even amount to that, so please allow me to express my gratitude towards that (and you, most importantly) as well. Also, plans are in the works for reprints, so if you want a hard copy of that album, no need to despair. Sometime in the first quarter of the year, that album’s reissue should be back on the shelves. I’m thinking March 9th, as it would be that album’s six-year anniversary, but that’s not set in stone. I’ll announce that when it happens. I also expect Winterhewn to be done by summer of next year at the latest as well.


Kicking off Winterhewn, the Upcoming Album with two new tracks!

Here we go for full album #10!  If you saw the teaser I put out a couple months ago, you already know the name of this album and one of the songs, “Crystalline World.”  The full song follows here: Streaming

The other song is called “Born of Winter.”  It is here: Streaming

Downloads are consolidated into a .zip file for the whole album here.

For those of you new to Appalachian Winter, the downloads are FREE. You may have the whole discography for free as well! Streaming is free as well, of course.

One last thing – I made a lyric video for “Crystalline World.” Please don’t expect the moon, it’s just shots from last winter from places I know. I didn’t even put my money where my mouth is on most of the scenes in that video and actually go outside because it was fucking cold as Hell. Because of that, you’ll likely see window reflections in a couple shots because I didn’t know what polarizing filters can do. Honestly, I still kinda don’t. Being a dumbass is great.

Any rate, just seven more songs to go!


-Danny, your humble dumbass

Three New Songs Now Complete the Album!

Winter Always Returns now is complete as Appalachian Winter’s ninth full album! I’ll give you folks the links immediately following before blithering on about crap that most people won’t care about:

Edit: Download links for single songs no longer exist. Those three songs are still available in the full album .zip file (link below):

Darkness – Streaming

Coldness – Streaming

Entrancement – Streaming

OR get the whole album here (songs have been revised heavily since they were first posted and these versions are final): Streaming|Download. The individual downloads are going to be nuked anyways in a few days in favor of the full-album .zip file.

The official release date for Winter Always Returns will be the 9th of April; that’s when the physical release will become available for order. I’ll be sure to inform you of pre-orders if/when they become available.

I’ve made a channel on Minds here, so if that’s a way you’d like to follow what’s happening with Appalachian Winter, you’re welcome to subscribe.

Also, I’m looking into online distros that may help me get Appalachian Winter on places like Spotify, Rhapsody (is that still around?), iTunes, Amazon, and other places that might be more accessible than these scary-looking Mediafire links. I’ll always have this stuff free on Mediafire, so this is just about making the music more available to folks who want it through other channels. Of course, I’m going to clear this idea with NGR, who remain responsible for the physical portion of these releases.

For this album, Appalachian Winter went back to being a solo project. With luck, that won’t be permanent and Randy and Mike will be able to be back in the future. And, I think that previous statement will be a perfect teaser to the fact that I have albums (yes, plural) planned beyond this. It’s wild to think about, considering there was a time when I thought I’d be lucky to make it to five releases!

You’ll hear from me again as we get closer to April 9th. Until then, enjoy the new songs. And as always, thank you for your time and for listening. Thank you to all who share this stuff, who take the time to upload these things to YouTube or wherever, and who are out there writing reviews for an audience of zero or greater; it really means a lot to me.