Three New Songs and the New Album in Progress . . .

Important things first – here follow the three new songs:

Endless  –  Streaming

Echoes  –  Streaming

Fierce  –  Streaming

Downloads are consolidated into a .zip file for the entire album here.

They’re not final quite yet, but they never are until the album is all. Please do forgive me that.

These are all for the new album Winter Always Returns, which is now in progress. Since I usually top these things off at nine songs total, we’re already a third of the way home. As usual, Mike O’Brien will be doing MIDI replacements for the choirs and some of the orchestration, EVENTUALLY. Fucking guy’s not known for his timeliness. The only bit of bad news is that Randy Smith won’t be joining us as well this time around. He’s currently organizing his life in a new residence, so I’ll hope he can join us for what follows this album. No lie, I miss his guitar playing already. The Epochs that Built the Mountains and From the Cosmos to the Mountains would have been very different albums without him, and not in a good way.

I expect this new album to release sometime next year, mid to late.

Until the next song (or batch),

Cheers from my beautiful mountains in Pennsylvania,


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