Two More Songs Ready as Completion Nears for the New Album! Plus, Links to Other Online Presences . . .

Here’s what’s new:

“Desolation” Streaming
“Into the Abode of Wolves (2019)” Streaming

Downloads are consolidated into a .zip file for the entire album here.

Okay, “Into the Abode of Wolves” isn’t exactly new.  In fact, last month marked the song’s ELEVENTH year – about five months before Appalachian Winter was founded – making that song older than the project itself.  I figured, “Fuck it, try a new version and throw it on the album as a bonus track.”   Forgive the presumptive “2019” affixment; that’s more to keep the song square for the projected year of the album release.  Besides, 2018 really isn’t so long for the world at this point.

Desolation on the other hand?  It’s fresh – so hot off the presses in fact that my throat still aches.  Of course, if you’re listening to it as you read this, you might understand why.  Here’s a fun fact (for you, not me – it hurts if you’re me!), typical vocal layers for an AW song with these God-awful roared takes can number as few as four and as many as eight.  And it’s all done in one sitting per song.  I love the sound that results, but how I still have a speaking voice is anyone’s guess.

Facebook, being the ridiculous fools they are, seem Hell-bent of driving away users form their site so I’ll drop links to other presences that will keep you somewhat abreast of what’s going on with this project.  My Twitter account, which I recently discovered could be used for more than simply retweeting silly things I find amusing will be the most direct form. My YouTube presence will keep you informed of when a new album is done, but little else.  My YouTube channel proper is here, but it will cover projects homed at Wilt Hollow Workhouse Studio, which are many more than just Appalachian Winter, so if you’re only here for AW, your best bet’s that first link.  Also, a search for “Appalachian Winter” on YouTube, may yield more info and songs than what my channel accounts for, due to the gracious souls who have taken the time to upload my stuff to their channels.  I also have a Gab account, but haven’t used it to post as of yet.  I might well change that right now!

This post also marks that there are three songs left to go now before the album is all.  It’s possible, but not the most likely thing that I’ll have anything else ready before the new year greets us, so please allow me to wish every one of you the best this season.  It floors me that actual real people get a kick out of this stuff I do, even after all these years.  If all else fails, see you in 2019!

All my best,


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