Two More Songs For Winterhewn Now Available:

One is called “The Thunder of Distant Storms.”

The other is called “Howls in the Wind.”

Downloads are consolidated into a .zip file for the whole album here.

That’s four down, five to go.

I doubt I’ll have anything else ready by the time this month is all, so please allow me to wish all of you my best this holiday season.

By the way, I never mentioned this in a post, but Ghosts of the Mountains sold out a good while ago. I probably shouldn’t be glowing with something akin to pride over a run of only 100 CDs selling out, but I am. Actually, I’m more shocked by that occurrence than anything. I never thought this silly project would even amount to that, so please allow me to express my gratitude towards that (and you, most importantly) as well. Also, plans are in the works for reprints, so if you want a hard copy of that album, no need to despair. Sometime in the first quarter of the year, that album’s reissue should be back on the shelves. I’m thinking March 9th, as it would be that album’s six-year anniversary, but that’s not set in stone. I’ll announce that when it happens. I also expect Winterhewn to be done by summer of next year at the latest as well.


2 thoughts on “Two More Songs For Winterhewn Now Available:

  1. Looking forward to your new album. I do not buy many albums anymore but i would like to own all of yours. I wish more metal was as genuine, creative and epic as yours. Have a great Christmas season. I will be playing your albums tomorrow on a camping trip. Nothing goes better than a warm fire, a good stout and Appalachian Winter to camp in the Winter to. Cheers to you.

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    1. That’s one Hell of a compliment! Thank you! I wish you a wonderful camping trip.

      I hope to have everything out in physical form someday. I wish I could say that could happen soon, but it might be awhile yet.



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