“Forsake the Dream of Spring” marks the fifth song done! Ghosts of the Mountains is being reprinted. Also, more online streaming options.

Important thing first:

Forsake the Dream of Spring:  Streaming

Downloads are consolidated into a .zip file for the whole album here.

Ghosts of the Mountains is being reprinted and will be available on 09 March 2020, the seven year anniversary of the original run! I’ll have links updated on the merch page where the album currently reads as sold out. If you wanted it but missed this first run, here is another chance to have it in physical form.

Also, I bit the bullet and put a couple Appalachian Winter albums (the latest three) up on a bunch of streaming services through an online distributor. Some of these services, like Apple Music and Amazon Music offer paid downloads,


You’re welcome to use Amazon, iTunes, Google, and whoever else to download my music, but never feel that you are under any obligation to do so. I did this to expand Appalachian Winter’s reach, and to make it easier for people who already listen to this stuff to enjoy it through whatever streaming services they might use. I do intend to populate these online fronts with my full discography eventually, and I’ll announce more additions as well.

This will never change the free downloads through MediaFire. It also will not change my relationship with Nine Gates Records, which still handles my physical distribution, unless fucking Mike forgets to order the reprints for Ghosts of the Mountains and the CDs get to him late despite my CONSTANT FUCKING REMINDING OF HIM, in which case I will call him a bunch of foul names until he fixes that bullshit. Hopefully it will make him feel bad for fucking up, which will make me probably also feel bad for making him feel bad, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

Until next time!



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