From the Cosmos to the Mountains sees its official release today (plus hints at what comes next at the bottom of this post).

This is it. This is the album I’ve been wanting to do for well over ten years now. I’ve wanted this even before Appalachian Winter existed! And now that everything’s done and official. . . I CAN’T LISTEN TO IT BECAUSE I’M SO FUCKING SICK OF IT. Gotta love the human condition.

With a little luck, you good folks might actually be able to stomach this one much better than I can right now. Streaming is free, the downloads are free, and if you want physical copies, Nine Gates Records would love to help you in that regard.

I mentioned it in the announcement concerning The Lake and the Mountain but it may bear repeating: shipping costs can get rather steep for those of you not in the United States. If you would like multiple albums, it may be more financially sound to order them at once, rather than separately. Also, bear in mind that Appalachian Winter has five physical releases with Nine Gates Records in total as of today:

  1. Ghosts of the Mountains, (2013: CD, digipack [NGR – 002])
  2. Berglieder, (2013: split 12″ vinyl record with Draumar, not metal [NGR – 004])
  3. The Epochs that Built the Mountains, (2014: CD, digipack [NGR – 009])
  4. The Lake and the Mountain, (2017: CD, digipack, not metal [NGR – 011]) and
  5. From the Cosmos to the Mountains, (2017: CD, digipack [NGR – 012]).

I’m the only metal band on Nine Gates (I think) at the moment, but if you’re into uncommon music, you may find find their Bandcamp site worth investigating. You may bundle any release(s) from there with an Appalachian Winter CD or more and save money on postage as I’ve mentioned.

What Comes Next?

Now that all of that previous business is out of the way, it’s time for my favorite part of the after-effects of a new release: what comes next! I don’t myself have the full details of the next album yet, but I can say for sure that topping The Cosmos to the Mountains is something far outside my capabilities. I had a good many moments where I didn’t think I’d be able to complete the album itself, and the thematic-history content is exhausted. The past three metal albums were all histories, one anthropocentric, one geological, and now one cosmic. I don’t have the imagination to go further back than the Big Bang. I also finally feel that I don’t have anything left to prove, and that may be dangerous – it could foretell that whatever comes next might really suck pretty hard. But, I’m going to keep Appalachian Winter going as long as I can, so I have drawn plans for the next album. It’s going to try to return somewhat to the themes and style of the releases I started with. I’m going to do that good shit I know how to do, and I’m going to really have fun with this one.  I even have a name for the album. It’ll be called Winter Always Returns. With a little luck, it’ll be complete sometime in 2019. When I have a song done, I’ll be sure to post it for you good folks. It may be a few months before that happens, though.

Allow me to close with this: Whether you’ve downloaded the music, purchased or are planning to purchase CDs of mine, uploaded my stuff to YouTube or some other site where folks share things, reviewed an album, commented on a song, or shared my stuff with others; you have my deepest thanks and appreciation for your time. It’s truly flattering and humbling.


-Danny, a silly man with a rinky-dink project that tries to be black metal.

From the Cosmos to the Mountains is now finalized.

Quick announcement – the music for From the Cosmos to the Mountains is now final, and is now as it shall appear on release day, 09 November, and after that forever more.

Here it is:  Streaming | Download

Because the download link for the album is now a single file, all previous links to the individual songs for this album are now broken.

All work concerned with the physical release is also finalized.  We expect to have the physical copies ready to ship on time.  Pre-orders will be available beginning today (24 October) at 10:00 AM USEDT here on Nine Gates Bandcamp.

Next announcement will be on the release day proper.  If you feel like this announcement was a spoiler, stay tuned for that one where I might drop some news on what album comes next, which would make that announcement also a spoiler.  Shit.



Physical and official release of The Lake and the Mountain!

Today marks the release of The Lake and the Mountain.  Please remember that this is the non-metal album; the metal one – From the Cosmos to the Mountains – follows in exactly one month’s time.

If you’re interested in physical copies, you may find them here.   Their cost without shipping is $9.00.

Speaking of which, shipping is a pain (it always has been) but prices for some areas have gone up.  Shipping in the United States is $3.00, but to Canada the price is now $5.00 and to Europe it’s now $13.00, and that’s using the US post, our cheapest option.  We (Appalachian Winter and Nine Gates Records) hate to see these prices go up in such a manner, but it’s also imperative that the Label not operate at loss of money, either.  The price increase is not retroactive to releases before this one, so you’ll still only pay the previous shipping price for not just my older releases, but anything else you might want from Nine Gates at least.

If you’re interested in the physical release (and if you’re not, the downloads are always free), if you bundle your order with something else from NGR, the shipping will be cheaper than ordering two things singly.  I believe the number to Europe was after the first $13.00, additional bundled CDs would only be $4.00.  Likewise with the US and Canada, except at smaller prices (the US would see an additional $1.00 per additional CD).  If you’re in Europe and you  want both The Lake and the Mountain and next month’s release of From the Cosmos to the Mountains, it may be more financially prudent to wait for 09 November (when that CD also releases) to place your order for both, as that would cost $17.00 (plus $18.00 for both CDs – a grand total of $35.00) shipping where separately it would be $26.00 for shipping alone, and $44.00 including the price of the CDs themselves.

Shipping may be slightly delayed due to the US holiday of Columbus day also falling on this date.

Apologies for all this technical crap, and for the shipping increases.



The last three songs for From the Cosmos to the Mountains are available, plus release dates . . .

The Lake and the Mountain will be officially released as a four-panel digipack on 09 October of this year. From the Cosmos to the Mountains will be a month later on 09 November, as a four-panel digipack that will include a twelve-page booklet.

The final three songs for From the Cosmos to the Mountains are:

“The Age of Worlds Coming Forth”

“So Are Wrought Our Sun and Our Earth”

“Let the Mountains Rise upon the Land”

All individual links have been replaced with the full album .zip file here.

Even though all the songs are accounted for, I can’t call this album as complete just yet.  “The Age of Worlds Coming Forth” has not yet received Randy’s guitars yet, and all nine songs await Mike’s additional Midi Choirs, which I understand he’s going to give to me all at once. Plus, I have some small but tedious mixing/mastering issues to address for all songs. Since the whole album is going to be continuous with the songs flowing into each other, the final result will be a bit different from what you hear on Bandcamp right now. Right now, the tracks for From the Cosmos to the Mountains exist as individual downloads, but once the album is actually finalized, I’ll make it a single .zip file like all the others.

My apologies for the radio silence. I know it looked like I said “Hey, one of the albums is done,” and then disappeared back into whatever the fuck mysterious ether I come from, but there were a lot of behind-the-scenes odds and ends going on for the three songs above, most of which was tedious and not worth the written word to document.

I’ll be good enough to let you know when the nine songs are final, with download links and all.



The not metal album is done!

The Lake and the Mountain: A Memoir has just been completed!  I expected it to be done at about the same time as From the Cosmos to the Mountains, so this is a bit unexpected.  Still, my last proper album was done way back in 2014 with The Epochs that Built the Mountains, so it’s a great feeling nonetheless.

The three songs that are new are:

Mount Katahdin, Lake Chesuncook, and The Storm’s Brilliant Rainbow.

Those links are to stream the songs individually.  The whole album can be streamed here.

Sorry, there are no separate downloads for the album anymore.  The entire album, however, can be downloaded here.

This album is planned to be released in physical form by Nine Gates Records.  As those plans become final, I’ll be sure to let you know what’s happening there.

This marks seven full albums under the Appalachian Winter name.

Three more songs remain for From the Cosmos to the Mountains.  I’m still confident that album will be done before year’s end.

Two new songs . . .

Allow me to begin with the new music!

The first song (metal) is called “Stars, Make Creation Shine Again.”

The second (non-metal) is called “Perfect Blue Sky.”

All files have been collected in a full album .zip file for download here.

That makes three songs to go for each album. We’re getting close!

Apologies for the long wait, and for the fewness of new songs. I don’t think I’m capable of any more five song announcements!  With a little luck, the next batch won’t be so distant from now in time, but no promises can be made.  I still expect both albums to be done by this year’s end.

All my best,